Collection Highlights

Collection Breakdown

There are a lot of neutrals in this collection and I see that as a recurring trend in the collections. Christian also used a lot of metallic fabrics. I love the color palette of the collection besides a few choice transition looks (posted below) I feel They took away from the collection rather then helped it flow.

Fabrics: A lot of clean and crisp fabrics along with metallic brocades. Collection included a lot of cotton and silk/satin as well as some chiffon.

Silhouette: Again I see another recurring trend and that would be the 1970's silhouettes. such as pant suits blazers and blouses. The dresses are more modern day tight to the body with a lot of draping detail.

Details- Thick and thin leather belts, Chic open toe pumps, Tan hand bags and aviators. As for jewelry there was a lot of turquoise...always a good way to spice up the neutrals!

Model Look: The hair was pulled back in a chic bun. The look was young vibrant and professional. The models seemed to be glowing and looked simply beautiful!

Collection Review
This collection was very pleasing to the eye despite a few looks that should have been cut from the lineup. Christian and his team need to use an editing eye and edit down...I feel if this collection contained maybe 7 less pieces it would be spot on. There was too many filler pieces that don't transition well and could be removed to better the show. Overall I thought it was young and refreshing. The pieces where very tailored and made well. Since project runway Christian Siriano has really made a great name for himself! I am impressed by this collection it has its quirks but it really was a nice collection and I enjoyed watching it!

Pieces I dislike
This is just not flattering and the color was horrid!
Again with that ugly leather and paired with that blue is just bad.
This to me just looks cheap...the pants look like cheap satin and the top with those pants does not work...I also am not crazy about the top print and the random unflattering ruffle.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bensoni Spring 2011 Highlights & Review

Collection breakdown and review below images!

Bensoni Spring 2011 highlights:

The Breakdown

Colors: neutrals w/ bright pops of color, Orange, Yellow, Green, white, black, and tan shades. Neutral prints.

Fabrics/Texture: Chiffon (blouses and skirts), Silk, Satin, Cotton, Cotton Jersey, Soft flowing fabrics with some jacket fabrics.

Details: Prints, Stripes, Neutral prints with bright colors. Open toe sandals with strap detail. Also there where a few punk rock looking necklaces. 1970's meets modern collection.

Model Look: This show featured models of all different ethnicity's and complexions. The makeup and hair was very uniform. It was almost like a uniform from twenty years into the future.


Bensoni's spring 2011 collection started off lacking much significance. It looked like simple clothing done with neutral prints. As the collection got about halfway through I noticed a progression. The show started with Neutrals, moved into neutrals with bright colors, and finished with fun and funky bright outfits. The progression seemed natural but I didn't like where the collection started and it was interesting where it ended up. I cannot decide if interesting is a good thing. I cannot decide if I like this collection or hate it. It possibly is a bit of both. I like some of the color palette and I adore the silhouettes but this collection left me a little puzzled. I didn't get a good feeling of what this collection is really about.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Marc Jacobs & Lady Gaga Cover V Mag

Check out the cover of the upcoming issue of V Magazine, lauded as 'The New York Issue,' featuring Lady Gaga posing as the Statue of Liberty alongside designer Marc Jacobs.

Editor Stephen Gan said , "Just as the Statue of Liberty was France's gift to America, Gaga is, to us, New York's greatest gift to pop culture and fashion. She embodies everything V is about, and is also a beacon of the city's creativity and hope. Exactly one year after her first V cover (the first fashion magazine cover she was on), we decided to do the NEW YORK issue, and she was the first person who came to mind to represent our great city. In the year that's passed, she has become a bonafide genius and we can safely declare her our muse. Above all, a New York issue should celebrate people who've done great things. We at V are grateful Gaga came along to put the New back in New York!"

The magazine is in-stores now!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Kardashians for Bebe Fall Preview

The Kardashian's fall line for Bebe will be in stores September 9th Kim, khloe, and Kourtney Shared a couple of their favorite pieces and gave a little information on the line! The all new collection will now feature shoes and bags along with clothing! You can really see the girls personality and style in the individual pieces they chose as their favorites! I cannot wait to see the full collection!

Kim Kardashian
"Our fall collection for Bebe is launching on September 9th so Kourtney, Khloe and I wanted to share some of our favorite pieces from the new collection! This time around we’ve incorporated some to die for shoes and handbags into the collection! I loovveee this gorgeous dress and these nude heels are so stunning. You can literally wear them with anything."
Khloe Kardashian
"Kim, Kourtney and I will so be releasing our bebe Fall collection and I am beyond excited. With every collection we've been able to get more and more creative so wait until you see this one dolls! It is insane!! You have NO idea. I am seriously in love with every single piece!!!! We can only share a few of the pieces right now, but how to die is this bag?! And those shoes???? OMG amazing!!!!!"

Kourtney Kardashian
"This season we have added some fab accessories to our Bebe collection so I wanted to share two of my favorites from the new collection, which is released next Thursday, September 9. I love these gorgeous beige heels and this nude bag… I know you guys are just going to love everything."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leighton Meester Album Photoshoot

She is amazing and fierce LOVE her!
I couldn't find out who the designers where but I love each look!