Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bensoni Spring 2011 Highlights & Review

Collection breakdown and review below images!

Bensoni Spring 2011 highlights:

The Breakdown

Colors: neutrals w/ bright pops of color, Orange, Yellow, Green, white, black, and tan shades. Neutral prints.

Fabrics/Texture: Chiffon (blouses and skirts), Silk, Satin, Cotton, Cotton Jersey, Soft flowing fabrics with some jacket fabrics.

Details: Prints, Stripes, Neutral prints with bright colors. Open toe sandals with strap detail. Also there where a few punk rock looking necklaces. 1970's meets modern collection.

Model Look: This show featured models of all different ethnicity's and complexions. The makeup and hair was very uniform. It was almost like a uniform from twenty years into the future.


Bensoni's spring 2011 collection started off lacking much significance. It looked like simple clothing done with neutral prints. As the collection got about halfway through I noticed a progression. The show started with Neutrals, moved into neutrals with bright colors, and finished with fun and funky bright outfits. The progression seemed natural but I didn't like where the collection started and it was interesting where it ended up. I cannot decide if interesting is a good thing. I cannot decide if I like this collection or hate it. It possibly is a bit of both. I like some of the color palette and I adore the silhouettes but this collection left me a little puzzled. I didn't get a good feeling of what this collection is really about.


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i think the second bensoni dress is gorgeous.

fabfashionisto said...

I agree I think it is super chic! :) Thanks for the comment!


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