Monday, May 23, 2011

My Fashion Boutique

Friday, April 15, 2011

New blog, New platform, New me!

New Blog...more me, More Lussuria baby ;)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Introducing our new team member Tyler Scott

House of Lussuria now is now made up of two designers! I am proud to announce that Tyler Scott one of my best friends and an extremely talented designer is now my partner at House of Lussuria! Tyler has a classic and and very refined aesthetic. That is why together him and I will make a great design team! Look forward to some posts from him really soon!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Risk and Reward: Collection Inspiration

So to kick off the blog with something new I will be doing illustrations for a small collection called Risk and Reward. The inspiration for this collection is the risk that needs to be taken sometimes in order to be rewarded. For the collection am envisioning this idea of classic mens wear pieces tailored to fit the body. Rough sketches will be posted soon! Stay tuned lovers!

Inspiration Images!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Everything New

I have felt for quite a while that I needed to do something fresh and something different. This new layout reflects my current personal design aesthetic. This is just the beginning, I am getting back into the ideas that got me interested in fashion. I am making this blog all about my thought and design process...House of Lussuria is my new concept and is my new baby! I intend to eventually release clothing under this name but for now it will remain just a blog about my thoughts and designs. I will occasionally post different styles and trends but then I will incorporate them into my design and my idea of what fashion is. I hope you all enjoy what is to come...I am excited and firmly believe in this project!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back from Hiatus!!!! *Blog News*

It has been way too long lovers!!!!! I am so sorry for letting this place collect cyber dust...I have been going through a crazy intense work schedule...I am just getting used to managing everything. I am getting back to basics and what is important to me and that is...DUHHHH Fashion! I have been neglecting things and for that I am soooooo sorry. Fashion never sleeps and I don't care what it takes to make it back to where I was! I want to re-launch with a whole new layout so it will take some time to get together but once I do it is ON! I want to make this blog more of a personalized fashion design journey blog...I want this to be more about me and my designs and my mission to make it into I said back to Basics!


Collection Highlights

Collection Breakdown

There are a lot of neutrals in this collection and I see that as a recurring trend in the collections. Christian also used a lot of metallic fabrics. I love the color palette of the collection besides a few choice transition looks (posted below) I feel They took away from the collection rather then helped it flow.

Fabrics: A lot of clean and crisp fabrics along with metallic brocades. Collection included a lot of cotton and silk/satin as well as some chiffon.

Silhouette: Again I see another recurring trend and that would be the 1970's silhouettes. such as pant suits blazers and blouses. The dresses are more modern day tight to the body with a lot of draping detail.

Details- Thick and thin leather belts, Chic open toe pumps, Tan hand bags and aviators. As for jewelry there was a lot of turquoise...always a good way to spice up the neutrals!

Model Look: The hair was pulled back in a chic bun. The look was young vibrant and professional. The models seemed to be glowing and looked simply beautiful!

Collection Review
This collection was very pleasing to the eye despite a few looks that should have been cut from the lineup. Christian and his team need to use an editing eye and edit down...I feel if this collection contained maybe 7 less pieces it would be spot on. There was too many filler pieces that don't transition well and could be removed to better the show. Overall I thought it was young and refreshing. The pieces where very tailored and made well. Since project runway Christian Siriano has really made a great name for himself! I am impressed by this collection it has its quirks but it really was a nice collection and I enjoyed watching it!

Pieces I dislike
This is just not flattering and the color was horrid!
Again with that ugly leather and paired with that blue is just bad.
This to me just looks cheap...the pants look like cheap satin and the top with those pants does not work...I also am not crazy about the top print and the random unflattering ruffle.