Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Haiti Is getting USA knock off's

At times, counterfeiting can be a good thing. Just ask the district attorney in Brooklyn, New York. Seven truckloads of confiscated counterfeit designer duds and shoes -- Ed Hardy, Nike and Diesel among the imitation brands -- are headed to earthquake victims in Haiti.
The 125,000 tons of clothing and shoes, valued at $10 million, were seized by New York police and would normally be destroyed, but in this case, the contraband will go to good use.
"Permission was obtained from manufacturers, including Nike, Timberland, Antik Denim Jeans, Black Label and Christian Audigier, to allow the knockoffs to be donated to charity

But there's one catch: All brand identifiers like labels and logos will be removed in order to avoid trademark issues.

WOW well um...what would be left of an Ed hardy shirt?...but atleast they are going to good use!


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