Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Check out Kellee Maize

"Archetypes encourage our individuality to emerge "

Up and coming superstar Kellee Maize is ready to blow up and take off with her new album ALIGNED ARCHETYPE it is extremely conceptual and nothing like I have ever seen before. Kelly has based her album on five different archetypes that express different sides to her and her music. She is all around creative and conceptual and it is only going to be a minute before she blows up to be even bigger then she is. I am glad to share her with all of you and you can listen to and download her album or sign up to receive a free physical copy that includes a chic charm bracelet. It is different then anything out there and I hope you all check it out! and also the girl has got some killer fashions to go along with her Archetypes it is all very gritty couture and I love it! Her style of music is fun hip hop/pop give her a listen! Her site is really cool as well because you can click on the different Archetypes and get a feel for the inspiration behind the music and the clothing.

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joey said...

gorgeous outfits

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