Metaphorically speaking of course, I have been neglecting my blog a bit and I guess it has been sort of a bitterness. I applied to my dream fashion school and I did not get in. ever since then it has been hard to keep up with things because I have been kind of upset about it. But enough about the bad. I am moving on from that and I will re-apply for next fall...enough said. NOW I have some great news! There is a new company being developed that is called Fashion Stake. This company will be launching soon. It is a company that allows investors to invest in designers in return for credits to purchase their, or any other designers goods. I am planning on launching an accessory line for next fall or more specifically a hand bag collection. I am working out all the planing details at the moment. I will start out kind of small and exclusive but I will hopefully expand but that is all depending on how successful the collection is and how fashion stake works out for me. I already have promotion in mind and the collection itself of course! I will share all details and designs here first so keep a look out for it. I am truly excited to be moving forward. I will not let any bump in the road stop me from chasing and succeeding at my dream!


Deborah said...

Great shoes !!!!

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