Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not your little girls Hello Kitty watch

Upcoming from Chouette are these interesting and cool Hello Kitty watch known as the Message ♥ Kitty collection watches. There are several versions in a few colors (about six colors actually). The highest end are rose gold plated with galuchat straps. All have full pave synthetic diamonds on the dials. The quartz movement turns the stones into an LED screen. The cases have the iconic shape of Hello Kitty and are mainly in steel, with some plastic (or perhaps ceramic). Given the nature of the LED screen, you likely need to press a button for the time to appear. There are also a few other things that can appear like messages and shapes. The watches are actually quite tasteful and nice in a high-end Hello Kitty kind of way. Price is about $620 - $800.


Cheryl Clarke said...

these are cute, but yea, a bit expensive. different for Hello Kitty. i follow you now; feel free to follow me too.


fabfashionisto said...

I have to agree! it is expensive even if it does have gold on it. Make them real diamonds for that price and im on board! lol but i still think they are super cute

Deborah said...

i love them !! i want one :D

Tangerine Fairy said...

I've never seen Hello Kitty look so chic..


fabfashionisto said...

I agree that was what i thought

hoodlocker said...

seen them on damnfly.com at $250 usd..aww so cutee

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