Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thomas Sabo Red Rebel At Heart

I remember a few years ago when I just started as a fashion student. I was just learning so much in and out of the classroom! I had been taking in so much inspiration and really loving the excitement I would get when I would see something just amazing in a magazine.

I had been flipping through an issue of Vogue and that's when I saw this! To this day it has been a piece that has remained on my mind. I never forgot this piece and I have always wished I could have it...It is nothing extremely inventive or out there but it is a piece I have always loved and stumbling upon it now brings back great memories! Now I might actually have to buy it...it is still quite expensive...I have always been a bit of a rebel

~Thomas Sabo- Red Rebel At Heart~

Also in black!


Anonymous said...

Its gorgeous! I love the black one, very cute and gothic at the same time. How much is it?x

Anonymous said...

I like the black one too!


fabfashionisto said...

Im not sure how much exactly...I googled it and it was 300-500 euro's so 379-632 USD I am not sure how cheap you really could get it for that is just one price I saw! Thanks for the comments! :)

kristy eléna said...

i love this piece!! it's so cool.

Vogue Gone Rogue

52planes said...

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52planes said...

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