Monday, July 12, 2010

Designer Spotlight- Mau

Post Industrial Folk Wear by Mau

Post industrial folk wear was started in 2006 to address and solve problems of utility and relevance in contemporary street wear. The garments are essentially built with the harsh dynamics found within industry in mind: with much detail emerging from construction decisions. The material is featherweight tyvek(R): a high performance non-woven taken from construction, graphics, and paper trades to be adapted and manipulated for personal use. Although this material appears to be fragile and perishable, it is in fact a water, tear, and wind resistant fabric. The garments are partially recycled and 100% recyclable, meaning, a fabric that also does mother earth a favor.

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(All Images belong to their respective owners
Photography and Models: Lucia Civile, Marina Costa, Fuat Kapucu)


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