Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Novel-Supermodel Behavior

Here is a slightly rough draft for my first novel titled "Supermodel Behavior" I still may change some things with the cover and the book is early in development but this will most likely be the cover I use for drafts but I may decide to use it with some tweaks who knows. I am anticipating to be finished by the end of the summer and will seek publishing then. So far it is a chic-lit light fun novel about a super model who then runs into some unfortunate events. It is going to be very humorous and will include LOTS of fashion, I cant wait for people to read it! I will keep you updated on the progress of the novel.

Because I am so fickle I have decided to change the cover (yes I know already!) and I am really liking this cover so much! I think this is going to be THE cover like the actual released cover! Hope you like it and give your feedback on both! I hope you see it as an improvement.
*Official Book Cover*

*Old cover*


Izzy said...

Love it. <3

fabfashionisto said...

Aw YAY!!! im glad!

Deborah said...

i love that cover!! it's so cool you write a book!

fabfashionisto said...

Yeah it is early in but I will let you know more soon!

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